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Our Story


The Social Wellness Club was founded in 2014, out of Durham, North Carolina to provide creative wellness solutions for companies of all sizes. At The SWC, we like to inspire and implement healthy behaviors, allowing us to impact the lives that matter to companies the most, their employee.

Knowing that foundation is key, Doresha Banks, Chief Executive Officer at The Social Wellness Club, took all of her expertise to create a platform that would motivate employees and enhance personal performance around the workplace and even at home.



At The Social Wellness Club, we are on a mission to impact all the lives we touch both mentally and physically. We believe that everything starts from the mind and that at no matter what age, we never truly stop evolving. Empowering you to move within your own true self is what we at The SWC are here to do—— to always deliver inspiration, relaxation, and guidance.


Our vision At The Social Wellness Club, is to provide a platform that leads companies of all sizes, to execute effective wellness programming and stellar events that demonstrate the care and wellbeing to individuals, becoming a trusted destination and resource world-wide.


Services at “The SWC” are a lifestyle and can be applied to your everyday, whether at work or at home. We show and inspire how you can learn balance on and off of the mat. Our services consist of chair massage, yoga & fitness, & an array of workshops.


For corporations, these services can be packaged together or booked completely separate, on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly re-occurring basis.


Services can also be booked on event basis, for any occasion.

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