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Nine Self-Care Tips For Boosting Your Mental Health

Brad Krause 26 March, 2019 3

Taking Care of You First Mental health is just as important as physical health. Yet, so many of us spend our days caring for our physical needs and taking care of others while failing to take the necessary steps to maintain our thoughts and emotions. If you want to live a truly fulfilling and healthy […]

The Closed Mindset

SWC 29 June, 2018 13

Ugh! Have you ever met that one person that gives you fifty million excuses and reasoning of why they CAN’T do something? Knowing that they’ve never even attempted it! Or better yet, the person who complains all day about life’s issues but, chooses not to do anything to improve on it?

The Little Things That Make You Happy

I once had someone tell me “go buy a journal and just talk to the higher power in it. Tell him all of your issues, your wants, your deepest fears and desires and watch these things begin to manifest or dissipate.” Of course, I’ve always seen a movie or two about someone writing in their […]

Welcome To SWC!

SWC 5 January, 2017 0

Is there really a set standard for wellness these days? Let’s face it, its 2017 and everybody is always discussing new health fads and trends. But in reality majority of these hot topics aren’t anything new. It’s just what everyone is truly infatuated with at the time being. At The Social Wellness Club, we’ve decided […]