Who We Are

The Social Wellness Club is a corporate wellness servicing and consulting company, that launched in 2014. Based out of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, we took our expertise and extended our hands to help companies near and wide to begin developing effective wellness programming.

At The SWC, we wanted to be more than just creative and different. We knew we wanted to be effective. Able to make an impact on every life that we touch. Creating a change in the wellness industry is what we are here to do. By offering alternative therapies and wellness treatments, we know that these solutions, can make a simple, yet effective response in someones day. Our company accounts with an experience of over 25 years, providing wellness design and event services to international, domestic, and corporate clients from all corners of the world. That makes us one dynamic team.


We are committed to giving unforgettable wellness experiences. Whether you’re seeking office excitement, natural tranquility or somewhere in between, SWC is here to make that impact.


To guide, direct and journey you on the whole phenomenon of, YOU.
Helping you to become a better you

mentally and physically

How We Do It

Our best experiences always seem to occur through learning.
We take the time to educate companies and their employees on all states of wellness.


At The SWC, we believe in getting down to the “root” of things, or as in yogic terms your “Tadasana”. Representing the idea of being rooted & stable. Your roots provide a foundation for all areas of your life. Can you imagine your roots not being secured? The foundation of your house slowly crumbling? We believe in revisiting these roots of your life, for improvement and letting go anything that does not serve you or your ultimate purpose.

"One who has conquered his mind, senses, passions,
thought and reason is a King among men."