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It is our duty to offer an array of services, just to fit your companies needs. Take care of your future today.

Chair Massage

Yoga & Group Fitness

Well-Being Workshops

Choose from a 10-min to 30-min session, performed in our specialty massage chairs. Our massages are performed fully clothed, focusing on your back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands, typically where the most tension is found.  We provide all of the soothing tunes and essential oil diffusers for an aromatic experience.

Our on-site yoga & group fitness classes provide participants an opportunity to refine their bodies through a variety of classes. Choose from a vinyasa flow yoga class to a HIIT (High-Intensity Impact Training).  Our fitness programs are suited for all levels.

Whether the training is targeted towards professional & personal development, skill set training, or even life skills, these sessions can result in the right boost needed for a valuable and successful work experience. Make it a breakfast series or try a Lunch & Learn

We all learn how to care for ourselves in different ways but learning how to care for our mindset is a one truly powerful thing. Our employees are our largest assets and keeping them healthy and well nurtured is always of top priority. That's why at The SWC we created our services to provide preventative measures from daily stress and physical ailments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Chair Massage?

+ A 15-min chair massage is proven to reduce stress levels by 85%

+ Reduce workers compensation claims; massage is proven to keep muscles and tendons strong and healthy

+Health care costs are reduced by 33% with on-site chair massage

What Kind Of Programs Are Offered?

+ We offer one time events, such as employee appreciation days or set your company up on an ongoing massage program

What Kind of Space Is Needed To Setup?

+  A 5×7 min. room or conference room typically does the trick. Our therapists are trained on how to exactly create the perfect vibe.

Are Our Employees Required To Tip?

+ Our prices are all-inclusive of gratuity, & travel fee (but hey, our therapists won’t be upset if you left a little extra)

Is Scheduling Offered?

+ Yes we can set up scheduling with a direct link just for your company

First Time With SWC?

Receive up to 2-hours of complimentary chair massage services.

Have an idea of your own? Need something just for your company culture? Contact us to find out how we can bring your vision to life. We love to get creative. 


“Our company talks about the importance of ergonomics but, nothing beats the chair massages and the mini education sessions these therapists provide.”

Mariani Wine

“I like how they are creative and allow our lunch and learns to fit the monthly topics.”

Linda Scott

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Make The Most Of  Your Companies Wellness Program And Take The First Step To Help Optimize The Health & Wellbeing Of Your Workforce.