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SWC 5 January, 2017 0

Is there really a set standard for wellness these days? Let’s face it, its 2017 and everybody is always discussing new health fads and trends. But in reality majority of these hot topics aren’t anything new. It’s just what everyone is truly infatuated with at the time being. At The Social Wellness Club, we’ve decided to rev things up a bit! Why not feature and discuss all the hot topics and teach people how to make lifestyle adjustments that will benefit them in the long run. I mean let’s think about it, how many times have you tried that new diet and its either been a short-lived success or a complete epic fail?

At SWC, we want to stress the importance of how to make lifestyle adjustments. Let us teach you how to love you for you, and what works best for your body. The mom with two kids will certainly not have the same schedule as the single woman without. Nobody is one in the same. Stay tuned in to “The SWC Blog”. Experts from all over will be featured on a slew of topics from at home workouts, nutritious recipes, marriage and relationship advice, finances, skin and beauty regimes and certainly how to beat your face! Remember wellness is more than just fitness and what you are eating, it’s about your overall well-being. Let’s begin to embrace you!

-Doresha Banks

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