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We curate experiences with masters from the fields of massage therapy, yoga, mindfulness, to even financial wellness.   


Company health fair? Exclusive event to host? With nothing less than creativity, let us represent your company or private event with the ultimate wellness pop-up experience, day or night.

Public Relations & Media

Are you ready to write your story? Tell the world all about who you are and what you’re doing through health & wellness? Let us help you paint the perfect picture for your brand.  


How We Work

At The SWC, we provide a platform for the wellness connoisseurs to educate, innovate & inspire! We curate wellness events & programs by connecting with expert gurus, that help enhance your everyday life flow. Traveling to offices, and events with your favorite massage therapists, fitness classes, DIY workshops, healthy food trucks, and relaxing beats. It is our duty to help elevate and educate you to move within your own true self.

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Our Services

Chair Massages

Inhale, the scents of lavender and orange during your massage session. Your choice of 10-min, 15-min or 20-mins of pure relaxation to the sound of smooth beats. Our chair massages, focuses on head, neck, shoulders and back. Now exhale.   Chair massage enhances focus and productivity. After just a 10-minute massage, employees have reported an […]

Wellness Events & Pop-Ups

Making a lasting impression is more crucial than ever. Bring a little spice to the next office event or community function with our wellness pop-up shop.  With nothing less than creativity and our Rolodex of vendors, let us represent your company or private event with the ultimate experience, day or night.

Corporate Workshops & Trainings

Take our workshops anywhere, you are. A 30-45 minute training or presentation hosted by our very own speakers to educate your employees or guests during breakfast, lunch or dinner. We provide educational sessions from healthy cooking demos, meditation classes, financial literacy to even sales trainings.


Chair Massages




Yoga Poses


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The Social Wellness Corner

The Social Wellness Club

Pat Davis January 19, 2016 0

The Social Wellness Club is a corporate wellness servicing and consulting company. We develop, implement and transform wellness programming by focusing on and creating an array of health & wellbeing services. The art of The Social Wellness Club is to experience that wellness is merely more than physical health, nutrition or exercise. We distinguish ourselves by fully embarking on the dimensions of wellness that effects our everyday lives. Including emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational and intellectual wellness.


SWC October 8, 2019 0
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Nine Self-Care Tips For Boosting Your Mental Health

Brad Krause March 26, 2019 2

Taking Care of You First

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Yet, so many of us spend our days caring for our physical needs and taking care of others while failing to take the necessary steps to maintain our thoughts and emotions. If you want to live a truly fulfilling and healthy life, you must care for your mental health. Here are eight tips for making self-care a part of your routine.


The Closed Mindset

SWC June 29, 2018 12

Ugh! Have you ever met that one person that gives you fifty million excuses and reasoning of why they CAN’T do something? Knowing that they’ve never even attempted it! Or better yet, the person who complains all day about life’s issues but, chooses not to do anything to improve on it? (more…)

The Little Things That Make You Happy

SWC June 29, 2018 0

I once had someone tell me “go buy a journal and just talk to the higher power in it. Tell him all of your issues, your wants, your deepest fears and desires and watch these things begin to manifest or dissipate.” Of course, I’ve always seen a movie or two about someone writing in their journal, but I never knew the benefits of why they did it and how it actually would make one feel! So off I went and found the cutest notebook (this was even easier being that I’m slightly infatuated with prints and colors). (more…)