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Are you ready to write your story? Tell the world all about who you are? Let us help you paint the perfect picture for your wellness brand.  

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We provide experiences with wellness masters from the fields of yoga, mindfulness, finances, leadership to team trainings and of course massage.


New product to launch? Exclusive event to host? With nothing less than creativity, let us represent your company or private events image with the ultimate wellness experience, day or night.

The Social Wellness Club

The Social Wellness Club is a corporate wellness servicing and consulting company. We develop, implement and transform wellness programming by focusing on and creating an array of health & wellbeing services. The art of The Social Wellness Club is to experience that wellness is merely more than physical health, nutrition or exercise. We distinguish ourselves by fully embarking on the dimensions of wellness that effects our everyday lives. Including emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational and intellectual wellness.

Corporate Wellness

We work with our clients to help create a branded wellness experience that truly reflects your company principles and style all while cutting healthcare costs.


How It Works

Dedicated to improving a happy work-life balance, The SWC tailors its services to work from the inside out. We focus on offering services that help enhance your everyday life flow. Learning how to think, breathe, and simply be grateful for each new moment in life, good or bad. It is our duty to help elevate and educate you to move within your own true self.    

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Chair massage enhances focus and productivity. After just a 15-minute massage, employees have reported an increase in focus, alertness, and productivity. That has some serious business advantages.   Need a full body massage? We deliver right to your home, office or even hotel. No need to worry will bring all the supplies. Book Now


New product to launch? Exclusive event to host? We at SWC will transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary. Making a lasting impression is more crucial than ever. With nothing less than creativity, let us represent your company or private events image with the ultimate wellness experience, day or night.

Well-being Workshops

Take our workshops anywhere, you are. A 30-45 minute training or presentation hosted by our very own speakers to educate your employees or guests during breakfast, lunch or dinner. We provide educational sessions from healthy cooking demos, meditation classes, financial literacy to even sales trainings.

Yoga & Group Fitness

Incorporating yoga & fitness creates a energetic, fun environment. It helps with transparency and understanding, building a strong company culture, while fostering learning and growth. From early morning cardio classes to jumpstart your day to a mid-day yoga flow that bring you peace and balance in the midst of it all. We’ve got you covered! […]

Company Retreats

Whether your company is a team of six or 300, switching gears with a company retreat is the perfect way to realign and regroup. Company retreats allows employees to rediscover their passion, feel a bit more transparent around their co-workers and certainly lower stress levels. Let the SWC setup your destination retreat and provide you […]

In-Home Services

Schedule an in-home massage session or private yoga sessions. No need to leave your home. Discover wellness right in your comfort zone.


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Yoga Poses


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The Social Wellness Corner

Welcome To SWC!

SWC January 5, 2017 0

<em>Is there really a set standard for wellness these days? Let’s face it, its 2017 and everybody is always discussing new health fads and trends. But in reality majority of these hot topics aren’t anything new. It’s just what everyone is truly infatuated with at the time being. At The Social Wellness Club, we’ve decided to rev things up a bit! Why not feature and discuss all the hot topics and teach people how to make lifestyle adjustments that will benefit them in the long run. I mean let’s think about it, how many times have you tried that new diet and its either been a short-lived success or a complete epic fail? </em><!--more--> <em>At SWC, we want to stress the importance of how to make lifestyle adjustments. Let us teach you how to love you for you, and what works best for your body. The mom with two kids will certainly not have the same schedule as the single woman without. Nobody is one in the same. Stay tuned in to “The SWC Blog”. Experts from all over will be featured on a slew of topics from at home workouts, nutritious recipes, marriage and relationship advice, finances, skin and beauty regimes and certainly how to beat your face! Remember wellness is more than just fitness and what you are eating, it’s about your overall well-being. Let’s begin to embrace you!</em> <p style="text-align: right;"><em>-Doresha Banks</em></p>

Manifestation and the Closed Mind

SWC June 29, 2018 1

Ugh! Have you ever met that one person that gives you fifty million excuses and reasoning’s of why they CAN’T do something? Knowing that they’ve never even attempted it! Or better yet, the person who complains all day about life’s  issues but, chooses not to do anything to improve on it? I absolutely cannot deal with it, let alone finding the strength in myself to even halfway use an ear to listen. Sadly to say, my first reaction is to immediately remove myself from the conversation. Don’t get me wrong if a person is discussing an issue with me that is very dear to them, then I am always there to listen and give the best possible advice because everyone needs someone.  But if that same person consistently discusses with me the same issues and they have not made an attempt for change, then that is a prime example of what I call “the closed mind”.

The closed mind can be a dangerous thing, hindering you from so many opportunities and possibilities. You never know what could be set out on the path that was designed for you. I found that most closed minded people, typically use phrases such as “I can’t, I’m not good at…., why does this always happen to me?, nothing great ever happens to me”, restrictive and  limited sentencing. Where is the room for improvement here? Everyone on this earth is practically granted the same opportunity, it’s all in what you choose to do with that opportunity. The true question is “What do you really want for yourself?” So that you will not have to give so many excuses. Once you begin asking yourself that question, that’s when you become unstoppable. Your true desires begin to surface and manifest because you are now in touch with who you really are. Nothing can out weight your determination on setting

The Little Things That Make You Happy

SWC June 29, 2018 0

I once had someone tell me “go buy a journal and just talk to the higher power in it. Tell him all of your issues, your wants, your deepest fears and desires and watch these things begin to manifest or dissipate.” Of course I’ve always seen a movie or two about someone writing in their journal, but I never knew the benefits of why they did it and how it actually would make one feel! So off I went and found the cutest notebook (this was even easier being that I’m slightly infatuated with prints and colors). At first, I was completely confused on how to have started off. I think I was bullet pointing everything and that was a bore, but then I somehow fell into my own comfort zone and began with a simple “Dear God,”. I’d begin by discussing what may have happened to me that day, anything I was worried about, goals I may have wanted to achieve, whatever really came to my mind. After a few entries it became almost an instant flow of writing. I then decided to go buy me a new journal again after tearing out so many of those bulleted point pages. I couldn’t stand to have my journal looking like that when writing down all of life’s important and meaningful passages.